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Barbara Ehrenreich repeatedly describes the problems faced by certain workforce in her book ‘Nickel and Dimed’. The co-workers she explains, are not given even the minimum wages, and are far from getting facilities like overtime payment. Similarly, in an article “Carwash Workers in New York City Union Drive”, Kirk Sempl writes about the monstrous side of the carwash owners towards their innocent workers, which forced them to take stand against the higher authorities to fight for what they deserve. According to the article Adan Nicolas, a Mexican immigrant raised his voice about the negligence by his bosses showed toward his co-workers. With the support of a coalition community and labor organizations, successfully gathers approximate of 1600 carwash workers in 300 locations across the city in hope to reform the carwash industry. Throughout the campaign, the coalition interviewed many carwash workers around New York City and exposed how the bosses were being bias toward their employees. Many of them said, their typical working schedule was at least 60 hour per week and they made less than the state-mandated minimum wage which is $7.25 per hour also, the majority received no overtime pay. Most of the workers also complained about the lack of training given to handle the hazardous cleaning products and not providing proper safety gear causes burned holes into their clothing. The coalition also mentioned that the workers were not given sufficient time for lunch breaks or rest. As the workers were aggressively spotting the authority’s careless activities, the companies’ owners were also defending themselves that they were treating their employees fairly. Similarly, in Los -Angeles, at least three carwash companies and the workers had a disagreement about the same problems but two of the companies came up with a solution. At the end, the investigation revealed that

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