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Lab Manual General College Chemistry II LabPaq: CK-2B Experiments: 12 Author: Peter Jeschofnig, Ph. D. Published by Hands-On– Labs, Inc. / / Toll Free 866.206.0773 A Lab Manual of Micro- and Small-Scale Experiments for the Independent Study of General College Chemistry 2 Designed to accompany Chemistry LabPaq CK-2B – 021711 LabPaq® is a registered trademark of Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL). The LabPaq referenced in this manual is produced by Hands-On Labs, Inc. which holds and reserves all copyrights on the intellectual properties associated with the LabPaq’s unique design, assembly, and learning experiences. The laboratory manual included with a LabPaq is intended for the sole use by that LabPaq’s original purchaser and may not be reused without a LabPaq or by others without the specific written consent of HOL. No portion of any LabPaq manual’s materials may be reproduced, transmitted or distributed to others in any manner, nor may they be downloaded to any public or privately shared systems or servers without the express written consent of HOL. No changes may be made in any LabPaq materials without the express written consent of HOL. HOL has invested years of research and development into these materials, reserves all rights related to them, and retains the right to impose substantial penalties for any misuse. Authors: Published by: Peter Jeschofnig, Ph.D. Angela D Carraway, Ph.D. Hands-On Labs, Inc. 3880 S. Windermere St. Englewood, CO 80110 Phone: Toll-free, Long-distance: Fax: 303-679-6252 866-206-0773 270-738-0979 E-mail: Printed and bound in the United States of America. ISBN: 978-1-866151-33-8 The experiments in this manual have been and may be conducted in a regular formal laboratory or classroom setting with the user providing their own equipment and supplies. Yet,

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