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OPS400LAB2 (2.5%) 1. CL COMMANDS You know that the command to display the library list is DSPLIBL. What should you do if you can't remember the command? A. On a command line, enter GO MAJOR and see if you can find a menu route to find and execute DSPLIBL. List the steps. _ type the command go major and then press key “1” which stands for the “Select Command By name” B. On a command line, enter GO VERB and see if you can find the menu route to find and execute DSPLIBL. List the steps. 1_enter the command go verb 2)scroll down the page and choose option number 30 and then choose option 112 which stands for DISPLAY LIBRARY LIST C. Another alternative if you remember the verb part DSP then on the command line enter GO CMDDSP. Try this to execute DSPLIBL. 2. SYSTEM VALUES. What letter do all system value names start with? ____”Q”____________ Which system value name shows level of assistance?______QASTVL__________ What level of assistance have you been given? ______BASIC______________ What are the different levels? (Use Help)_____________Basic,Intemed and advanced__________________________________ What are the maximum sign-on attempts you are permitted? _____15 __(QMAXSIGN)_________ How many system values deal with the password? _______14____________ Which system value deals with password expiry days? _____QPWDEXPITV________________ What is the last system value on the system value list? _____QYEAR_____________________ If you know the name of the system value you would like to check, you can display just that value. Go to a command line and enter: DSPSYSVAL QMAXSIGN. What information are you given? ___It gives the information about maximum sign on attempts ____________________________________________________________ ______________ 3. How did the system know which library should be your current library? From a command line,

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