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Exercise 1 Part 1) How does a class being conducted online instead of on campus increase or decrease the classes' contribution to the carbon cycle during the term? Consider the differences between the two in terms of methods of travel, and use of facilities, energy, and other resources. Remember to focus on the impact to the carbon cycle. I believe that participating in online classes is time efficient and also prevents the pollution of the earth. Involving yourself with campus classes would require most students to acquire transportation. DeVry is not within walking distance of many houses, so transit is a must. With DeVry providing education to so many students the amount of gas and pollution being put into the air is outrageous. Just think of all the gas entering the atmosphere from all the personal cars and public transit. Transportation is not the only thing you are saving by opting to take online classes you are also decreases the amount of trees that are being destroyed. There would be no reason to print materials for the classrooms and there would be no reason to destroy the habitats to build more schools. Water would be saved for bathrooms and electricity for lights and vending machines would be unnecessary. Part 2) Complete the ecological footprint quiz at the following link: and report your results. What did you learn about you and your family's impact on the environment? If everyone on the planet lived my lifestyle, we would need 5.26 Earths. I think that the biggest thing that I learned is that every little thing counts. Finding alternative transportation would be the easiest way to start. Walking, bike riding and carpooling when you possible not only will save money, but it will decrease the pollution we omit into the air. I think a big step would be to incorporate energy saving features into the

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