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CHM130 Lab 1 SAFETY, EQUIPMENT , AND THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD Name: Mengqi Li 1. A student enters their laboratory setting and is getting ready to set up. What preparations should be made? (16 points) Answer: 1. Immediately disinfect bench tops with a 10% bleach solution before the student begins lab. 2. Wear glasses or goggles when working with dangerous chemicals. 3. Make sure there is no drink or open beverage containers or eat or open food containers in the laboratory. 4. Only keep necessary materials on the work surface area. 5. Make sure pens, pencils, etc., is out of mouth, and tie back hair that is shorter than shoulder length. 6. Know the location and function of all safety equipment like fire extinguisher, safety shower, and first aid kit. 7. Know the location of all exits and always keep them clear of obstacles that could hinder emergency response. 8. Know how to operate all equipment prior to use. 9. Read the label of all solutions to verify proper contents before use. 10. Keep a serious attitude. 2. A student spills chemicals on his or her skin. Explain the procedure that should be followed. (16 points) Answer: First immediately rinse any spills on the skin with continuously running water, and then soap. Tell his or her instructor as soon as possible. 3. List three things than one can do to protect oneself from contamination/injury in the laboratory. (24 points) Answer: 1. Tie back hair that is longer than shoulder length. 2. Wear glasses or goggles when working with dangerous chemicals. 3. Do not wear dangling and loose clothing. 4. Describe the equipment and explain the function of each of the following: (24 points) a. graduated cylinder Answer: Graduated cylinder is a tall, clear, and slender vitreous

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