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Chemistry Lab Report Writing Tutorial Expectations for First Year Lab Reports at Wilfrid Laurier University Objectives: To provide examples of each section in a chemistry lab report. To improve initial student lab report results. Agenda To describe each section of a lab report, namely: • Title page • Abstract • Procedure • Results – qualitative and quantitative • Discussion – – – – – • • • • Sample Calculations, Questions, Results, Source of Error, Experiment Improvements Conclusion References Data Sheet Overall Expectations Title Page? • _________________ – SAVE TREES • Instead, use a header on the top left hand side of the page Experiment 7: Buffers Example: Name: Winnifred Winner Student #: 120987654 Date Conducted: September 15th, 201 Date Submitted: September 22nd, 2014 Partner’s Name: Paul Heisenburg Lab Section: Monday 2:30, Section 1 IAs Name: Bunsen Burner Abstract • An abstract is a brief one paragraph summary of a research study/experiment. It includes, in order, 1. The ________– In your own words PURPOSE METHOD 2. The Experimental Design or ________ - Name (if standard) or briefly describe (if new or unusual) the basic methodology used without going into excessive detail. Be sure to include key techniques used. FINDINGS 3. The Major _________ – Report on key quantitative results that answer the questions you were asking. Identify trends and major findings of the experiment. 4. The CONCLUSION ____________ – A brief summary of your interpretations and conclusions. Clearly state the implications of the answers your results gave you. Other key points... • The abstract helps readers decide if they want to read the rest of the paper or will be useful to someone who wishes to reference your work. • The abstract purpose will be ____________ than the title and different

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