Lab Report: Reaction Time

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Experiment #1 Reaction Time Purpose and Preliminary Discussion: In this experiment, we tested reaction times for ourselves and various objects. For part 1, the purpose was to test our individual reaction time using a stop watch, measuring how long it would take to start and stop. Part 2 was measuring eye and hand reaction time, using a pencil and piece of paper, the object was to make as many dots as possible within 5 seconds. Part 3, again testing our own reaction time, involved dropping a meter stick from a certain height and recording the time it took to catch it. Part 4 involved using a 2-meter stick and dropping various objects and recording the time it took for them to fall. The last part, was to monitor our own heartbeats, we had to count 100 heartbeats and record the time. Equipment: Stop watch, Pen, Paper, meter stick, coffee filter, steel ball Discussion and Conclusion: For part 1, we tested our own reaction time using a stop watch, to see how long it would take to start and stop the stop watch. I noticed that the more trials that were done, the more efficient each of us became, the reaction times became quicker and quicker with each trial. I started out my first trial at 0.47 seconds and my last was 0.22 seconds. Dave had the shortest reaction time, averaging 0.2 seconds, then Asil averaging 0.235 seconds, and Yasmin averaging 0.308 seconds. For part 2, we tested our eye-hand reaction time, we all had around the same number of dots and the times, ranging from 31 to 37 dots and 0.144 to 0.153 seconds. My average reaction time was 0.147 seconds and 37 dots, Asil had 34 dots and a time of 0.144 seconds, Yasmin had 31 dots and a time of 0.176 seconds, and Dave had 35 dots and a time of 0.153 seconds. For part 3, the free fall catch, for the most part, the reaction times were similar, ranging from 0.1789 to 0.1958. My average time was 0.175 seconds,

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