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Lab Report Estimating Glucose Concentration

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Biology lab report ; topic : 3.2

Title : Estimating Glucose Concentration in Solution
Aim : To estimate the glocose concentration in several solutions which have the same volume.
Introduction :
          In this experiment, we have to estimate glucose concentration in a particular solution. The nature of a glucose is a monosaccharide reducing sugar. Since glucose will be oxidised, it acts as a reducing agent which will donates electrons that will be accepted by the purple pink potassium permanganate. Thus, the pink purple colour of potassium permanganate   will be reduced into manganese ions. When the glucose acts as the reducing agent, this means the manganate(VII)ions will act as the oxidising agent. Thus, it will accept electrons and undergo reducing process that lead to the formation of the colourless solution. The equation for this reducing reaction is :
MnO4-   + 8H+ + 5e -   ΝΆ   Mn2+ + 4H2O
In the experiment, sulphuric acid is added together with glucose and pottasium permanganate. This is because sulphuric acid acts as the catalyst to the reaction inside the solution. Lastly, at the end of the experiment, we can see that the time taken for the purple pink colour of potassium permanganate to turn into colourless is dirrectly related to the concentration of glucose.
Reasearch question :
How does the different concentration of glucose solution which have the same volume affects the time taken for the pink colour of the potassium permanganate to turn into colourless?
Variables :
Variables | | unit | |
Indipendant | The concentration of the glucose solution | M | |
Dependant | The time taken for the pink colour of the potassium permanganate to turn into colourless | s | |

Controlled Variables | Volume/Untis | Possible effects on the   result of experiment |
Volume and concentration of sulphuric acid added to the glucose solution | 1M, 5 cm3 | Sulphuric...

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