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Grading and Rules of the Lab  There will be a total of six experiments during the whole lab.  You will perform experiments for six weeks and for each experiment you will be required to submit an experimental report on the same day at the end of the lab. Please note that there is no late policy for the report submission.  You will work in groups of four students. The grouping will be according to the roll numbers and not on your choice. Grouping lists will be displayed in the lab.  You are not required to submit group report instead you have to submit your reports individually.  You should be prepared for the daily viva for the evaluation purpose.  Cheating each other’s lab reports is not allowed in any way and strong penalties would be applied in such cases.  Each student must perform all the experiments.  Students can miss experiments only in case of severe medical conditions (Dr.’s prescription and medical certificate will be required) or other unavoidable reasons. For such students make-up labs will be arranged during the already existing lab sessions. Otherwise he/she will fail this course.  After half an hour no student will be allowed to enter the lab without the special permission of the instructor.  No student will be allowed to sign the attendance sheet after half an hour. After due time he/she will be considered absent even he/she performs the lab.  Reports handed in after due time will be awarded zero credit.  Lab coat, safety goggles and closed shoes are mandatory during the lab. You should be properly covered from head to toe without skin showing for your own safety; otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the lab.  Horseplay in any form is dangerous and prohibited. Do not run in the laboratory areas.  Strict rules will apply to the disposal of used chemicals and solvents. These will be disposed off in special containers that will be

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