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Title Summary/Abstract 5 Marks This should be written last and should be a short summary (100 to 200 words) of the report that details the significant findings of the laboratory exercise. Introduction 15 Marks The introduction should be approximately 1 page long. It should include an introductory paragraph that details the relevance of this the lab to the demonstration of engineering principles. 3 marks A few paragraphs should be written that give good examples of where this work occurs in industry/engineering design etc. What are the benefits of this lab? 9 marks The introduction should conclude with a short paragraph that details the objectives of the laboratory exercise 3 marks Theory 15 Marks All background theory should be explained here; this section will need more information than is available in the laboratory handout. All equations and sample calculations should be detailed here. Always use SI units and include them in each equation. You might want to show some calculations from theory and compare them to experimental calculations. Can you show how to calculate the efficiency of the system etc? Equipment 10 Marks This section should include clearly labelled photographs or schematics (often preferable) of the laboratory equipment. 5 marks All components should be described and the system itself show be described (i.e. how do all the part go together; how does it work?) 5 marks Procedure 10 Marks This section should outline the test procedure in bullet-point format. It should be clear and concise and have enough detail so that the tests can be repeated easily. Results & Discussion 25 Marks Results will be plotted in a meaningful way. Only on very rare occasions will there be a need for a table of results. In general the measurements should be plotted (on the y-axis) against

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