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urpose: The reason we conducted this experiment was to see what would happen overnight to a clear gummy bear and a red gummy bear if they were each put into 50mL of vinegar. And we wanted to find out if the color of the gummy bear would affect how long it would take to dissolve. Hypothesis: If we compare the rate of change of a red gummy bear versus a clear gummy bear in 50mL of vinegar each, then the clear gummy bear will dissolve faster than the red gummy bear. They will dissolve in the vinegar because vinegar is a mild acid that breaks down the glucose sugar that makes up the gummy bears. The clear gummy bear will dissolve faster because the vinegar won’t have to first break down the color dye that makes the other gummy bear red. Procedure: 1. First we decided what we wanted to do. We could pick from the range of gummy bear colors and solutions we could put them in. We chose a clear and red gummy bear, and we wanted to see which one would dissolve faster if we put them both in 50mL of vinegar. 2. We got our two gummy bears and wrote down our experimental data. Measuring the length, width, volume, thickness, mass and density of each gummy bear. We used a ruler and a scale to perform these measurements. 3. Then we got our graduated cylinder and carefully measured out 50mL of vinegar. We then poured the measured vinegar into a beaker we had that was labeled “clear gummy bear”. 4. We did the same for the next beaker that was labeled “red gummy bear”. 5. Then we put the clear gummy bear into the beaker labeled “clear gummy bear” and put the red gummy bear into the other beaker labeled “red gummy bear” at the same time. 6. Then we cleaned up our lab table and left the gummy bears in their beakers to sit overnight. 7. When we came in the next morning there was nothing in the beakers besides an outline of where the gummy bear was sitting when it dissolved.

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