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Lab Report Format This guidline for writing a lab report is written in the exact format that you should use for your own lab report. This is the title page. It is a good practice to have a title page for your lab report with the following information: * Title of investigation * Your Name * School name * Date of investigation Your lab report should contain the following LABELED sections: Objective (5 points) This should be specific and the area of your investigation should be focused and well defined. You need to choose a certain area of the given question and work on it scientifically. You should also include any relevant background information here. Hypothesis (5 points) To carry out the investigation you should start with a certain assumption or expectation that you want to prove scientifically, if applicable. You should explain your hypothesis scientifically and relate your explanation to what you have learned in class and information available in other references, such as books and scientific journals. The references should be cited. Variables (9 points) Your variables should be in a list format 1. Independent variable: This is the one changed during the experiment in order to test its effect. For example in temperature is changed to test its effect on enzyme activity, then temperature is the independent variable. In a graph, the independent variable is on the x-axis. Independent variable is also referred as manipulated variable. (3 points) 2. Dependent variable: This is the one affected by the independent variable. In the above example, enzyme activity is the dependent variable, which can be measured in the form of time, volume, mass, length etc. The independent factor is plotted on the y-axis. Dependent variable is also referred as responding variable. (3 points) 3. Constant factors: These are the

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