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Lab Report. Material: * Two glow sticks * Two thermometers * Two empty jars * Tap water * Hot water * Ice Procedure: * Make a table with three columns: water, temperature and brightness. * Calculate the brightness with star system to rate the brightness. * Put some tap water in one jar. * Place the thermometer and glow stick on that jar with tap water. * Add hot water on the other jar and place the thermometer and glow stick together. * Leave them for about 2 – 3 mins. and take them out. * On the chart put what kind of water you used, what temperature it was and the level of brightness. * Do this for water with ice, just ice and ice with hot water. But do NOT! Take the tap water out. Analysis: 1. The purpose of the control beaker is for comparison. 2. The data collected showed us that the higher the temperature the higher the brightness of the glow stick. 3. The least light emitted was at 10 4. The low sticks will not be effective because the lower the temperature the lower the brightness so it wont glow enough. 5. The temperature suggested so that the glow sticks would work will have to be at around 400 Conclusion: * The hypothesis was correct because the brightness either decreases or increases with the temperature. Reflection: a. The fun parts of this experiment were looking how the brightness either went brighter or dimmer based on the temperature. b. The difficult part of this lab was making the chart and taking temperature of each set of water. c. It was kind of difficult to see the brightness because of the time we were making the lab, so it was at day light so it was a pain trying to see the

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