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A Lab Report on Mussels Abstract This laboratory report basically contains the information about the dissection on mussels that we had. We have examined and dissected the different parts of a mussel. Our group has identified fifteen different internal and outer parts of the dissected mussels. We have utilized our dissecting set and some dissecting pins in order to specifically pinpoint the identified parts. We had illustrated the parts of the mussels that we had identified and the illustrations could be found in this report. ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Introduction Mussels are among the many invertebrates under the Phylum Mollusca. Their wide distribution in the coastal areas of the Indo-Pacific region makes them the most easily gathered seafood organisms, contributing a significant percentage to the world marine bivalve production. Mussels are eaten raw or cooked in various ways. They are also used as bait. Marine mussels belong to the family Mytilidae; most freshwater mussels to the family Unionidae. Materials Our group has utilized our own dissecting set and some dissecting pins upon pinpointing the identified internal and outer structures of the mussel. Methodology We first have our own container with paraffin wax in which the specimen (mussel) would be placed. Then, we have prepared the different dissecting instruments to be used in the said activity and also the dissecting pins. Data and Results We have included the drawing (2nd page of this lab report) of a mussel together with the labels of the outer and internal parts that we have identified. References “Mussel (Tahong) Culture” July 8, 2006 EntrePinoys 25 October 2009 "Mussel."  22 April 2008. 25 October

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