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“The Effects of a Stimulant in Memorizing“ By: Christy Di Iorio Introduction Many people suffer from short term memory loss or have some issues memorizing things. It is extremely important to be able to memorize things of everyday life and pay attention to small details resulting in easier studying skills, less mediocre mistakes, and expanding one’s brain to it’s full potential. The mind filters out unnecessary information everyday. For example, if an average college student was walking to class, they will filter in and out the information on that walk. We might filter in that someone was whistling behind us but by the end of the day, your mind will filter it out of your brain. You start to forget it because it didn’t have much meaning to you and it wasn’t significant. Therefore, to study one’s interaction with remembering something with or without any substances will depict if the stimulate actually improves the participant’s abilities to retain more information than those not using a substance. This stimulate is used to “amplify alertness, increase the ability to focus on tasks, it increases energy, sense of well-being, and increases motivation to get the task done” (University of Wisconsin). Although this stimulate has many positive effects it also can have negative effects on certain people. Some people react differently to the drug and may not experience the same positive feedback. Before experimenting, participants will be asked to sign a consent form and will be checked by a doctor. They have to be perfectly healthy participants to even qualify for this experiment. Abstract Memorization was studied among two randomly assigned groups. Group A received an stimulate pill, which is used to stay focused while Group B was given a placebo pill. Group C is the control group which doesn’t receive anything. This is usually known as a

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