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LAB 1-4 Questions 1. What is the current screen resolution? 1366 x 768 2. What security advantages does displaying the login screen on resume offer? It offers security from anyone one trying to gain access to your computer. 3. How did changing your theme effect your display? Changes the wallpaper. 4. What other file type options are available? ISO Image file, word document, PDF etc. 5. Why does the command not execute properly? Because partition 2 is in Fat32 format, therefore is not supported. 6. How much available shrink space can be found in the volume? 19283 MB, or 19 GB. 7. How is the resulting volume different from the one you created in Exercise 2.1? volume Y has less space than volume x because of the amount of space of volume Y being entered in MB after having expanded and shrunk volume x to a size larger than its original. Volume Y was created NTFS format Whereas Volume X was created in FAT32 and converted to NTFS. 8. Why were you able to extend the Alice 2 volume, but not the Alice 1 volume? A volume cannot be extended once another volume has been created after it. 9. According to windows explorer, what is the capacity of the X drive? 2,851,074,048 bytes - 2.65 GB 10. Does the capacity shown for the X: drive in Windows Explorer reflect the addition of the mounted volume? No. 11. Why doesn’t the Properties sheet display the capacity of the Alice3 volume? The properties of the Alice3 folder is the properties of the shortcut that links to the Alice 3 Volume. 12. What has happened to the primary partitions and logical drives that you created earlier in this lab? After converting disk 0 to Dynamic only one primary partition is present.Alice2 and Alice 3 are no longer primary partitions. And Graphical display for disk volumes changes color. 13. After you converted the basic disk to a dynamic disk, how many partitions can be

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