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Graded Assignment Lab Report Answer the questions. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (5 points) Score 1. Describe generally what happened to each spot of each type of ink. Which had the most pigments? Answer: The red colored ink would change from red to pinkish. The black colored ink went from light blue to dark blue to black to reddish. The black one had the most pigments. The green colored ink went from blue to green to yellowish. (5 points) Score 2. Compare the effectiveness of each of the four kinds of solvents. Answer: The water and water-alcohol were the most efficient solvents. The reason I believe they were the most effective am because they both caused the inks to spread out the furthest amount. While vegetable oil, and alcohol did not do all that much. (5 points) Score 3. Which solvent caused the ink from the dots to move the most? Which solvent caused the ink from the dots to move the least? Answer: The water caused the inks to move the most. And the vegetable oil caused them to move the least. (5 points) Score 4. What differences did you observe in how the different colored inks were separated? Answer: The differences I observed were as follows. The darker the ink color was, the more pigment and colors it had in it. But the darker colors did not spread as quickly as the lighter colors did. (5 points) Score 5. What observations would lead you to believe that the ink is actually a mixture? Answer: Because of all the pigments the colors they gave off. Which means those colors are the mixture of colors combined to make that ink

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