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Kaisar Tursyngozhayev Fundamentals of Business for IS 25.11.2011 Homework: Thought Pieces Outline Today's lecture was about the project management. In lecture we discuss about the importance of project management and said that project management is a method and mindset…a disciplined approach to managing chaos. Internet research gives to us official definition: “A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service. It implies a specific timeframe, a budget, unique specifications, working across organizational boundaries”. For me, project management is about organization, decision making, planning and creating an environment conductive to getting critical projects done. Also, we analyze the core project management tools such as project charter, project schedule, project budget. And in lecture slides we also have information about different types of project structure. Project schedule is about duration of the project, scheduling whole project. Many tools are available for project schedule, for example Microsoft Project. Project budget is a prediction of the costs associated with the project. In project charter we must to answer to 5W questions. What must be done, why, when, where do it, who does what? During the conversation with lecturer, suggested steps in project management are identified. They are: Generate a formal definition of the project, with goals, constraints, assumptions; identify project start/end dates, any mandatory; milestones, including reports, signoffs; deliverables, etc; List constraints – money, equipment availability, holidays, etc; Identify tasks to be accomplished – high level then details within each, using brainstorming. For each task estimate time, identify dependencies among tasks

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