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Question: Do earthworms like dry or moist conditions? Do they perfer light or dark conditions? Hypothesis : 1/ If worms like moist areas then they will probably go on the moist area. 2/ If worms like dark facilities then they will most likely react to the light and move to the dark area . Materials: Plastic dropper , water , cardboard , clock , paper towels , flashlight , 2 earthworms , storage contanier , and a tray Procedure: 1-Use the dropper to sprinkle water on the earthworms.Keep them wet all times . 2-Fold a dry paper towel and place it on the bottom of one side of your tray.Fold a moistened paper towel and place on the other side. 3-Moisten your hands.Then place then earthworms on the center of the tray.Make sure half of each earthworms's body rests on the moist paper towel and half rests on the dry towel. 4- Cover the tray with a piece of cardboard.After 5 min. remove the cardboard and observe whether the worms are on the moist or dry surface. 5-Repeat steps 4 and 5 6-Return he earthworms to their storage contanier .Moisten the earthworms with water. 7-Cover the hole surface of the tray with a moistened paper towel. 8-Place the earthworms in the center of the tray.Cover half of the tray with cardboard .Shine a flishlight onto the other half of the tray. 9-After 5 min. , note the location of the worms . 12-Repeat steps 10 and 11 13-Moisten the earthworm and put them in the location where your teacher has instructed you.Wash your hands . Results: The earthworms liked moist and dark conditions better then dry and light conditions. Conclusion: In conclusion to my experiment I would like to say that my hypotheses are right and that worms perfer moist and dark conditions over dry and light conditions this is because if worms stay for a long time in they will eventually die and hey need

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