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Essay for science Heat energy or heat is a form of energy which moves in a system by kinetic energy. Kinetic theory, is the heat is transferred by partials bouncing into each other. In this lab, a coffee complain is about to change their cup. They have two designs narrowed down. They are both the same. So the decided to pick the one that limits transfer of they made a question for the experiment which is, which material most effectively reduces the rate of heat transfer. In the lab we need to collect the temperatures of each cup over ten minutes. First we had to gather all the material. Then i made my hypothesis my hypothesis was Styrofoam and aluminum foil at the same rate. After that my group heated the water. Then we organized are station and designed are cup. For the Styrofoam cup we just put it inside the cup and for the aluminum foil we raped it outside the cup. After that we pored 200ml that Is 50 Celsius water into the cup and put the lid on and the thermometer. Then every 30 seconds we measured the temperature of each cup. Then we recorded it on the table. After that we cleaned up are area. I analyzed are data on a line graph but before that I put it onto a table. Heat transfer through Styrofoam and aluminum foil at the same rate because our recorded data on are line graph and table. Also, we watched a nitrogen liquid experiment that showed what happen just like this lab but it freezes instead of getting colder. Also the 3 transfer of heat which is radiation conduction and convection. Kinetic theory of mater states that all of the partials that are constantly in motion so they don’t stop moving but it get colder it slows

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