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Density Lab Introduction: density is a very important characteristic of all substances and it can be used to identify any substance. To find the density, first need to find the mass of the substance, which is measured in grams. To find the mass sue the triple beam balance. Then find the volume of the substance by multiplying length * width*height or if the substance is a liquid sue a graduated cylinder and measure it out. Once you have all this information divide the mass/volume. Purpose: The purpose of the density lab is to find the density of both regular and irregular shaped objects and liquids. Materials: · Triple beam balance · Graduated cylinder · 3 regular sized objects · Ruler · Aluminum cylinder · Water · Calculator Procedure: Part I: 1. To find the volume of a regular shaped object you need to measure the length, width, and height of each object. Use cm. 2. To calculate the volume use the formula V =L x W x H 3. To find the volume of the irregular shaped object you need to use water displacement for each object. Be sure to read the bottom of the meniscus. V of object = (V of water+Obj)-(v of water) 4. Repeat for each of the 3 solid objects. 5. Calculate the density D= M/V Part II: 1. Find the mass of a dry 10 mL graduated cylinder 2. Measure out exactly 10 ml of water 3. Mass the graduated cylinder with water 4. Calculate the mass of water 5. Find the density of water Part III: 1.Calculate the percent error of liquid A % Error= Actual Value – Experimental value x 100% Actual Value Results: #17 L-10.5 cm Density- .843 g/cm W-1.3 cm Mass- 59.85 g H- 5.2 cm Vol.- 7.98 cm squared # 26 L- 6.9 cm Density- 1.38 g/cm W-2.5

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