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Laboratory #4 Chemistry of the Elements Yuri Kane The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the chemical properties of several elements and compounds. After that we observed and recorded the results of representatives chemical reactions. This was a fascinating laboratory. I have really enjoyed working with these periodic elements of table. For the first time I got to touch some of this elements psychically and analyze them. This was a fascinating experience. My laboratory partner and me have mixed 12 compounds and 3 metals with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acid. I had couple of favorite reactions in this experiment. One of them was Cupric Oxide. This is a almost black powder with a reddish tint. When we mixed this compound with Hydrochloric Acid the liquid immediately turned very dark cloudy green. There were no visible bubbles. The liquid was viscous. Heat was produced. After some time Cupric Oxide seemed to have dissolved but particles could be seen suspended in the liquid when we lit the tubes. After couple minutes the black particles have settled on the bottom of the tube. Then the liquid became clear, vivid and dark green. Then we could of see small streams of bubbles rising from the center if the particles at the bottom. This was a slow reaction but very interesting reaction to watch. Another mixture that I liked was Copper and Nitric Acid. Copper was golden pink shavings with a metallic odor. The Nitric Acid looked clear, non- viscous liquid with no odor. When we mixed the copper and nitric acid, copper turned gray and acid turned bright blue. In seconds brownish yellow gas was produced and bleach like odor has produced. Bubbles rose in a steady rate. The temperature of the mixture became gradually warmer, but not hot. This was a appealing reaction. The third favorite mixture of mine was Zinc and Nitric Acid.

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