Lab 3 – Physical & Chemical Properties

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Purpose: To investigate the physical and chemical properties of pure chemical substances. Observations and Experimental Data: Data Table 1: Solubility or Reaction Substance Name Color Odor Effect of Heat Cold H2O Hot H2O Litmus Test Dilute HCl Dilute NaOH Mg Silver odorless nothing bubbles bubbles No color change Bubble,fizz Slightly frothy cloudy No apparent change Cu Copper Odorless Turns darker black No apparent change No apparent change Lighter blue Holes in copper ball bubbles Dark spots on copper Zn Silver Odorless Liquid Solid Solid Lighter blue Bubbles fizzes No apparent change MgO white odorless Dark grey Cloudy Cloudy Lighter blue Fizzed bubbled Cloudy no bubbles CuCO3 green odorless pops Cloudy green h2o dissolved Turns dark green pops Blue-from pink Fizzed dissolved Turns blue Cu(NO3)2 blue odorless Melts boils Light green liquid Dissolved boils Blue-from pink Dissolved green liquid Blue bubbles NaCl white odorless crackesl Grain in h2o no bubbles Stays granular Lighter blue No apparent reaction bubbles Questions: A. Did you observe any chemical changes in this experiment? Yes. B. What evidence did you use to decide that something was a chemical change? The evidence that supports a chemical change: A colour change has occurred If it fizzes – that is a gas is produced bubbles. Heat is produced. A definite new smell Unable to reverse the change C. Give at least two examples of chemical changes you observed. Copper Changed color when placed over heat. Mg-when HCl is placed on it can hear fizzing and gas bubble produced D. Classify the following properties of sodium metal as physical or chemical: Silver metallic color – physical Turns gray in air – chemical Melts at 98°C – physical Reacts explosively with chlorine –chemical E. Classify the following changes as physical or

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