Lab 3 On Sleep Study Essay

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Name: Jamal Troublefield Date: 10/23/10 Brain Dominance Assessment Step 1: Complete the brain dominance assessments listed below.  Save this form to your computer as a rich text file (.rtf) using the following name: Lab3_(your last name)_(your first name).rtf (e.g. Lab3_doe_jane.rtf).  Visit the following websites to complete the online assessments.  Be sure to write your “preference” in the last column after completing each. (NOTE: You may also want to print your results as back-up.)  Once you’ve completed the manual tests under Steps 2 & 3, submit your completed worksheet on Blackboard. Website/File Name/Test Assessment Right/Left or Male/Female (include both your preference and percentages—when included) Personal Brain score was in between Female 50 and 0 Right Dominant I am a male but it was Female 25% Brain.exe (link if available on Blackboard) In the second column under the header “Right Left Brain Tests” select Word Choice Test (25 pairs) Overall you appear to be Right Brain Dominant In the column to the left, select “Hemisphere Dominance Test” You responded as a right brained person to 10 questions, and you responded as a left brained person to 9 questions. You seemed to be comfortable using strategies for both sides for the brain. Your preference may be situational and apparent mainly when stress in a factor. Manual Test (see Step 2 to complete this test) Thumb Test (see Step 3 to complete this test) Step 2: Complete the following manual test: Part A 1. Hold your right hand at eye level with you pointing finger extended up (toward the ceiling) and place it about 6 inches from your face. 2. Next, extend your pointing finger on the left hand and place
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