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Introduction The purpose of this lab is to identify the protein content in specific dietary supplements that aid in muscle building. The report will identity presence of any starches or sugars that may sometimes be used as fillers. The dietary supplements were tested to see if they contained protein as claimed by the manufacturers. These tests are vitally important to the consumer due to the fact that no consumer wants to be deceived by investing in a product that does not produce results as claimed. Materials Lugol’s Reagent iBuret Reagent Benedict’s Reagent Ninhydrin Stock Protein Solutions (5g/L albumin) Stock Sugar Solution (20 g/L glucose) Stock Starch Solution (Concentration: 0.2 g/L) Stock Amino Acid Solution (100 g/L glycine) Syringes Disposable Test Tubes Test Tube Rack Protein Bomb 3000 (0.3 g/L) Porto Bomb (0.3 g/L) GNC (0.3 g/L) Procedure Each supplement was tested, using a specific reagent, to test for macromolecules such as sugar, starch, amino acids, and protein. The reagents include Ninhydrin which tests for amino acids, Biuret which tests for protein, Benedict’s which tests for sugar, and Lugol which tests for starch. The experiment deals with a harmful chemical known as Ninhydrin. Researchers are required to wear lab coats, safety goggles, and perform such experiments under the hood. Ninhydrin is only to be used under the hood, therefore when labeling the test tubes put aside all Ninhydrin test subjects. After filling each test tube make sure to cover each one with a thin strip of parafilm, and lightly shake the solution twice. All samples using Benedicts should be set aside and heated at 65°C for 4-7 minutes.Once all test tubes are filled, prepare the Ninhydrin rxn and heat it at 80°C for 5-10 minutes. Before heating, both Ninhydrin and Benedict’s make sure all parafilm is removed from these test subjects. For each individual

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