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Ocean County College Department of Chemistry Lab #2: Laboratory Techniques and Measurements Submitted by: Jean M Schebe Date Submitted: February 10, 2015 Date Performed: February 9, 2015 Lab Section: CHEM-180 Course Instructor: Dr. Cynthia Spencer Purpose: To become familiar with different commonly used laboratory techniques as well as equipment used to measure different things in the laboratory. This lab also shows how to use unit measurements and familiarize yourself with methods used to calculate results from experiments performed. We will learn about Temperature, Mass, Volume, Density and Molarity. It will also teach us that not every single trial has the same results as those performed before. Procedure: The first step involved getting all necessary materials to perform the experiments, which included supplies from the LabPaq and those supplied by ourselves. Exercise 1: Length involves measuring objects (CD, key, spoon and fork) in cm with a ruler, which are then converted to mm and m. Exercise 1: Temperature involves filling a 100mL beaker with 75mL of water, where various temperatures will be taken at degrees Celsius with our thermometer at hot, boiling and boiling (5 minutes) as well as cold tap, ice water at 1 minute and 5 minute intervals. These temperatures will then be converted to Fahrenheit and Kelvin, which will be recorded. Exercise 1: Mass Measurements involve using a pen, pennies, quarters, dimes and a key. Masses will be estimated and then actually weighed in grams by a digital scale, which will then be converted to kg and recorded. Exercise 2: Volume and Density Measurements (Liquid) involves using a 25mL graduated cylinder, which will have its’ weight recorded. 5mL of distilled water will be added and the density will be calculated. This will be repeated using isopropyl

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