Lab 2 in Mis1305

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Lab 2, MIS 1305, Leskoven, Fall 2013 Cover sheet and Table of Contents 1. Open a new document. 2. Center the insertion point both vertically and horizontally, using the page layout dialog box. 3. Type the words Lab 2, enter and type your name, then enter and type your class day and time. 4. Change the font style and make the point size larger. 5. Insert a page break and change the vertical alignment back to the top. Be sure and select from this point forward from the drop down list by Apply to. 6. Type the words Table of Contents and enter. 7. Change the alignment to left and type the words Part 1. Insert a dotted tab leader to 6” and make the tab alignment right. Be sure to click the set button. 8. Press the tab key and you should see the dotted line. Type page 1 and enter. 9. Type the words Part 2 and press the tab key. Type the words page 2. 10. Save the document. Print the two pages. Part One 1. Open a new document. Insert a table three columns wide. 2. Type the following information into the table, pressing the Tab key to advance to the next cell. Whale Watching | Open sea excursions to meet the magnificent humpback close up. | April to October | Saltwater fishing | Party and charter boats from 27 ports provide some of the finest angling in the country | April to October | Whitewater fishing and inflatable kayaking | Outdoor adventures in the Berkshires. Beginner and advance raft trips available | April to October | Cross-country skiingHiking | Over 9 miles of trails. Boardwalk trail runs through a quaking bog | Year-round | 3. Insert a row above the table and enter the following text: Massachusetts Tours Description Best Times 4. Insert a column in the table and enter the following price information: Price per person $20.00 $75.00 $75.00 $3.00 5. Format the width of all the
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