Lab 2 - a Library for Chemist

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Dileepa Galagedera 02/14/14 Chemistry 106LB – 03 Ms. C. Chrissian Lab 2 – A Library for Chemists * Part I - Warm Up Questions; * Graph #1: a plot made from an equation. * Graph #2: a plot made from supplied data and an equation derived from the plot. * Graph #3: A plot made from an equation; If the value of y is 0.12, the value of x would be (0.12 + 0.01)/ 0.008, or 16.25. * Graph #4 – A straight line plot generated from a made up equation. * Graph #5 – An equation generated from a made up straight line plot. * Part II - Observations; * Physical Proprieties; 1. Potassium Iodide: a white crystalline solid. 2. Zinc Mossy: made up of medium, irregular gray shapes. 3. Zinc Granular: made up of small metallic pieces. It is odorless. 4. Zinc shot: described as small balls of gray zinc, dull, silver color. 5. Zinc Powder: a dark gray powder. 6. Zinc Sheet: a rectangular, thin, sheet like metal, gray/silver. 6 5 4 3 2 1 * Solubility of solid iodine; 1. Solid iodine in 1 mL of water is slightly soluble, because the solution turns into a light brown/yellow color. However majority of the solid Iodine was left at the bottom of the test tube; which leads to the conclusion that it’s not reactive on water. 2. Solid iodine in 1 mL of potassium iodide is slightly more soluble. The liquid in the small test tube turned a dark brown color. 3. Solid iodine in 1 mL of alcohol is slightly more soluble. Residue still remains on the bottom and alcohol changed to an orange red color. 4. Solid iodine in 1 mL of mineral oil is slightly soluble. A small portion of solid iodine still remains in the

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