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John Gagnon 11 March 2015 BSC-2010C Lab 3: Testing samples with reagents and evaporation process to find if the sample contain sugars or fats. Purpose: To test what samples will show the presence of sugars when mixed with reagent and to see what samples will show fat when left to evaporate. Hypothesis: If reagent is added to known samples it will react with the sugars in the samples and then give us a positive or negative test result. If samples are placed on a paper bag and left to evaporate if there is a fat content it will be left behind on the bag. I believe water and starch will not test positive for sugar and I believe vegetable oil and milk solution will leave the presence of fats behind. Materials & methods: Materials: Computer, notepad. . Methods: Fist I watched the lab and took notes. I then watched it again to formulate my conclusions. Results: The rest results were what I had expected. See chart below Test 1 Sugars CONTENTS | RESULTS | DI water | Blue / no sugars | 1% starch | Light blue / no sugars | 1% sucrose | Light blue green / small amount of sugars present | 10% sucrose | Yellow / low level sugars present | Onion juice | Brown / high level of sugars present | Test 2 Fats CONTENTS | RESULTS | DI water | none | Veg oil | Fats present | Milk solution | Fats present | Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct the samples with sugars in them displays so in the test and the fats in the samples were left behind on the paper. I was impressed and did not think that the onion juice would have so much sugar in it. I thought that it would have some but not the most. I figured the 10% sucrose would have the highest content of sugar of all the subjects. For the fats I know vegetable oil would leave a large amount of fat behind but thought the milk solution would have left more

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