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Lab 2.3.1 • LAN (Local-Area Network): A network typically owned by a company, so it exists typically with a space occupied by that company and is therefore closer together than wide-area networks. • MAN (Metropolitan area network): a computer network in which two or more computers or communicating devices or networks which are geographically separated but in same metropolitan city and are connected to each other. • PAN (personal area network): a computer network organized an individual person. • WAN (wide-area network): A network typically leased from a service provider, often from a telco, because the company using the network cannot legally or cost-effectively create the network because it would pass through public land or land owned by other people. This term also refers to longer networks, because they are more likely to need to pass through other people’s land. The metric used to determine Network is the way it is set up and intended use. 2.3.2 According to our text, network topology is a diagram or concept of a network that shows the network as nodes, which represent various networking devices, and links, which represent the cables or wireless links between the devices. The metric used define a network topology is the physical or logical layout of said topology. 2.3.3 • It would take one message from A to B • It would take 3 messages from B to A • It would take an additional two links to add a new node E between C and D. One going from C to E and one going from E to D. • There would be one more hop added in the rotation 2.3.4 • It would only take one message to get from A to D. • It would take one message from D to A. • It would take one additional link to add a new node E. • The bandwidth would be shared with one more computer. 2.3.5 • If a hub there would be 3 messages • If a switch, there would be 1 message. • If a hub there will

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