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Name: NT1210 Lab 2.2: Network Drives Exercise 2.2.1 If an organization has 30 users, each with his or her own PC, what is the comparative cost of buying a $120 printer for each user versus the cost of buying a single, higher-capacity $500 printer that can be used by the entire office? What is the drawback to having only a single printer? What is the cost of having two additional backup printers for the office compared to having individual printers? How many shared printers can be purchased and still be less expensive than individual printers? Exercise 2.2.2 If each of the 30 users in an organization prints an average of 22 pages per hour and a shared printer has the capacity to print 180 pages per hour, how many shared printers will be needed to prevent overloading each printer's capacity? Would there be a benefit to having more than the exact number needed? Justify your answer. Exercise 2.2.3 In this exercise, you will map a network location to your local machine. Record the steps that you follow for the process, and record the network location that is mapped to the letter you choose. Exercise 2.2.4 What are the drawbacks of using a networked drive for storing important documents? Use your textbook and the Internet to support your conclusion. Exercise 2.2.5 For this exercise, you will create a link to a web resource on your desktop. You should record the address of the link that you create. Exercise 2.2.6 How often should you verify that the network resource is connected correctly? What will happen to your connection if the web-based resource gets moved or taken offline? Justify your conclusions. Lab 2.2 Review 1. Why is it infeasible to create a shortcut to every web-based resource (such as a website) that you use frequently? What is a better alternative to creating shortcuts on your desktop for frequently visited sites? 2. Should

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