La Shampoo - Can This Brand Be Saved?

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Case Summary The case is about the La Shampoo, which is a high quality and more expensive product that has a same marketing strategy over years. From 1989 the line started to slowly decline its sales. Caroline, the brand manager wanted a new marketing plan to improve the sales and increase the market share, not to just keep the product remain on retailers’ shelves. Caroline has been assisted for the new ideas flowing in from Eric Woolf – Sales Manger & Beth Hansol – Ad Agency representative. The solutions suggested by both of them were given a thought but then Caroline wasn’t convinced about the way forward The case was also examined by five other experts, whose recommendations had potent in their own way. All the options revolve around the basic concept of repositioning & rebranding a brand. Caroline should not just choose one proposal as the brand requires attention on more than one front, as in brand acquires larger share of market, revives the perception of La Shampoo in the eyes of the consumers & also gain more shelf space in the retail stores. Experts & Personnel’s Reviews Eric recommended for a price cut as a long term plan to save major accounts that in danger. Reducing price will increase sales volume at least for short time but it not good in building the brand and increasing the brand market share as one the analyst has clearly stated that a price sensitive consumer will easily shift to another brand which offers a lower price than La Shampoo, thus rendering the entire exercise fertile. Another positive out come from Eric’s solution is that the brand can buy time for Caroline to think of a better decision. Beth’s solution is to create new advertisement campaign. This solution seemed better to improve sales but there are still no specific changes that suggested to repositioning La Shampoo on the consumers’ minds. Taking into consideration
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