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Lab Report 1.0 An Analysis of Free Fall Motion We did an experiment to test the effects of earth's gravity on objects near the surface. Starting with the hypothesis that earth has a strong force on objects near the surface because we know that the more massive an object is the great gravitational force it has. To test this and measure the actual force we set up an experiment and dropped two steel balls from a known height of 2 meters and timed the balls from when they were released to when they hit the floor. We followed this set of steps so that our experiment can be replicated and tested by others. The step by step procedure that the team followed where: Removed triple beam balance from filing cabinet and picked two steel balls of different sizes. After calibrating the triple beam balance, we measured the mass of the steel balls and recorded the result. Measured two meters from the floor and adjusted the release for the steel balls accordingly. Had issues setting the timer up correctly, but after assistance from the TA, the timer was ready. Performed and recorded ten trials for the larger of the two steel balls. Mason recorded the times, Daniel set the ball and released it, and Messan used the timer. Repeated the trials with the small ball. Team members performed the same jobs. Together, in order to work quickly, we added the results to get the averages of our data. Asked the TA for assistance, then did the same for standard deviation. Answered the questions in the lab manual. Placed the triple beam balance back into the cabinet, returned the steel balls, and placed the photogate sensor back on the table. The experiment was over. The equipment used was one triple beam balance, two steel balls, and the free fall stand with a photogate timer. The only resources we referenced was the lab manual. Our group met once before
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