La Quiero Morir Essay

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The song I decided to pick that describes a certain aspect of my life, is a song called, La Quiero Morir. It was a salsa song, and the translation is called, “I Love Her To Death”, it’s a very good song, it’s about a man that feels like this girl in his life is everything to him, and he can live without her. Now what I like about the song is that he is describing a love for the girl, but when technically he was referring to his daughter, but you don’t find that out until the very end of the song. It was very unique to see how this person wrote the song, to make you think like that but mainly it’s a very beautiful song. This song really fits me because the song still is a description of a girl he loves, and this song fits with my current relationship. This girl has lifted me up from the ground and has helped me realized that I still have a chance, to be happy, to know what love is. She is overall truly amazing in my life, and I hope we can last. One line in the song that really speaks to me, and catches my eye, is the line-“es que cuando me besa mi cuerpo me tiembla pore so la quiero” , this line means that it’s me when I kiss my body trembles me why I love her. To me this means a lot, mainly because of my insecurities as a person, and it makes me question how I am able to get this love in my life, I have been alone for quite some time now. And that line to me is telling me that this is as real as it gets; there is no trick, there are no games involved, this love is as real as it gets. The song also states saying that she will be here soon, because she lives far away, this girl lives in New Jersey, so we do live very far from each other, but our love is still strong. This song, truly describes my current love life, which I hope it lasts for a long

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