La Masion Amusemente D’andrei Essay

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CATEGORY ANALYSIS 1. Aggregate market factors a. Category size i. This falls under stand alone theatre which is a big category back in the days but now many of these stand alone theatres has closed and the size of the category has gone down which makes the category easy to penetrate. Though there are still direct competitors they won’t oppose problems to the business. Some of the direct competitors are a very small theatre like Bellevue and times cinema with single functional screens and their target markets are more of the lower class which makes the category ideal for business like our because there is no strong direct competitors. b. Category growth i. There is hardly any growth in this category which makes it a good category for our business because we can monopolize in this category because no competitor is near our standards. Our business will revive this dying category through our marketing programs that will make customers realize a need for this kind of business. \ c. Stage in the product life cycle i. The business is still in the introduction stage because this is a unique kind of business that no other business firms have tried but these falls under stand alone theatre. Since we are still in the introduction stage we will launch ad campaign that will increase awareness of the business. The campaign we will be launching will include advertisement, sales promotion, and PR such as print ads, radio ads, coupons, discounts and publicity stunts and more promotional tools to achieve our goal which is to increase awareness. d. Seasonality i. Our business has no seasonality because every day is a perfect day to relax and hang out with your families, friends and love ones. But we are expecting to reach our peak when its holidays like Christmas, New year, valentines and summer because this is time where people doesn’t have work and school, this

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