La Job Layoffs Comm 215 Week 1 Paper

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Los Angeles Job Layoffs Los Angeles, California is made up of more than 4 million people and holds over 140 cultures throughout its city limits. Between its crowded streets and amazing food, lies the heart of the City. Its residents are the Cities most important aspect, without the people, maintaining, preserving, and building up the city would be pointless. There is a special group of people who take on the jobs of keeping Los Angeles vibrant and functioning. These people are the City of Los Angeles employees, there are about 40,000 of them. Many do not live within the City limits, they commute hours a day to come and do their jobs. From secretaries to Police Chiefs to sanitation workers, each job is important. Each of these 40,000 people have families, homes, pets, and other things that rely on their paycheck for support. Out of the 40,000, each felt lucky to get hired as a city employee, which is what they were, before the City dug itself so far under they are going to extreme lengths to hold it up financially. These employees are no longer feeling so lucky, mainly they are frightened, angry, resentful, and confused. Over the past few years, Los Angeles' Mayor, Antonio R. Villaraigosa has been talking about budget cuts and such to help the City financially. Last year, he put a stop raises act on employees, then cut hours and eventually days, calling them “furloughs”. In the month of May, 2010, he announced it was possible that employees would take up to three furlough days per pay period. When the people of Los Angeles heard this, they were outraged. How is it possible to take away someones means of supporting their families? How could anyone feel like doing that would be good for anyone? These people have dedicated their lives to the City of Los Angeles, they have given blood, sweat, and tears to do their jobs. There have been other cut backs talked about,

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