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An Analysis of La Jetee In our far past, the literature of the time was only spoken words; which later advanced into a written text. Now the literature of our time is film. Film is a very important medium of our time because its consistent influence on our culture is phenomenal. If you look around, the film media has massive influence on society. Aside from its influence, it is a work of art and advancement to traditional literature. Film is basically literature except with film you now do not have to use your imagination; instead that imagination comes to life and you can somewhat visually experience the scenes of literature in a fake reality. A beautifully constructed film is a film created by Chris Marker called La Jetee. La Jetee not only a beautiful and powerful work of art, it is a reflection on time, dreams, memories, happiness and love. The film is set in Paris after World War III. There is a man that was a prisoner in a destroyed underground place where there were other survivors as well. The place was sort of an underground science lab where there were people researching and experimenting about time travel. The whole time travel was a difficult task because often times the people (test subjects) are not able to withstand the shock they encounter when they get to the new foreign time period. This man, however, successfully makes it. He ends up at a pre-war period where he encounters a woman from his memory and they develop somewhat of a romance. After successful passages to the past, the people that were performing the experiments send him into the future. The technological advanced people of the future offered him the power to regenerate his own destroyed society. After accomplishing his mission, upon his return the people who performed the experiment wants to kill him but luckily he was able to get help from his friends of the future to escape. He

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