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Imagine being locked in a frigid cell, waking up every morning pondering if you would live one more day. Inmates had the same daily schedule each and every day, and maybe tried to escape that night. The history of Alcatraz is replete with stories of “The Rock”, the inmate’s life, the island, escapes, and gangsters. The location now known as Alcatraz today was once known as La Isla de los Alcatraces. It was named by Juan Manuel in 1775. La Isla de los Alcatraces translates to “Island of the Pelicans”. The island doesn’t have much to offer with its swift currents, rough ground and very little food. After Juan Manuel was done with the island for 72 years, it was taken over by the military in 1847. The military used it “strategic values for the…show more content…
All of the prisoners cells were made to keep only one inmate per cell. Solitary cells were coal black dark. The cells were structurally stacked three stories high. Four cell blocks were built with different labels. The four different blocks were A, B, C, and D. With Alcatraz only being one and a half miles from shore, inmates felt it would be an easy escape. The main door to get anywhere in Alcatraz was four inches think, seven feet tall, and five feet wide. The first set of inmates on Alcatraz was a total of 32 prisoners that were abandoned by the military for the Bureau of Prisons. Shortly after they were settled, the first set of prisoners came in train cars on August 22, 1934. For the 29 years Alcatraz was in business, it became known as the home to America’s most eminent kidnappers, rapists, murderers, and kingpins (Wellman 51). Inmates were very isolated only being allowed one visitor per month (Wellman 51). The first warden of Alcatraz was James A. Johnston. James chose Cecil Shuttleworth as his associate warden. James A. Johnston originally started as warden at Folson Prison in California; he contributed his time there from 1912 to 1913. He later decided to move to San Quentin Prison in California and dispensed his time there until 1925. James retired from warden being warden in 1946 (Wellman…show more content…
The first escape attempt was by Joseph Bowers. On the first attempt, Bowers attempted to climb the fence at the edge of the island. When he refused to stop, he was shot by the guards (Wellman 58). The most memorable and breathtaking escape was by Clarence Cames, Bernard Coy, Joe Cretzer, Marvin Hubbard, Sam Shockley and Miran Thompson. These six men tried to pursue the guards and take control. On May 2,1946 this happened. It took place for two days, until May 4, 1946. This was called “The Battle for Alcatraz” or “Alcatraz Blowout” (Wellman 60). The most elaborate escape was committed on June 11, 1962. This was planned and orchestrated by Frank Lee Morris, John and Clarence Anglin, and Allen Clayton West. To plan this escape, it took close to seven months. The plan went on without West because he was unable to get his air vent off. It is supposed that the last three men drowned on their way to shore on San Francisco (Wellman 61). There was only one escape that made it outside of Alcatraz but it believed that the men

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