La Hispania de Cultura Essay

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The Freedom Tower is in Miami, Florida. It is considered the “Ellis Island of the South”, because of its role from 1962 through 1974 as the Cuban Assistance center. The tower offered national sanction relief to the Cuban refugees who sought political asylum from the regime of Fedel Castro. The Freedom Tower is a symbol of hope and freedom, and the belief that democracy should be available to all who fight against tyranny and demagoguery. The building was opened on July 26, 1925. It reaches 17 stories and contains over 82,000 square feet of space. El Parque del Domino is also known as Maximo Gomez Park. The park is located on 8th street in the heart of Little Havana. It is the meeting place for residents of Little Havana and contains many unique things. The park is mostly visited by Cubans that are in Miami. They play dominoes that are arranged on tables, which is a very popular game. Saint Bernard de Clairvaux is a medieval Spanish monastery cloister. It was originally built in the town of Sacramenia in Segovia, Spain between 1133 and 1141. It was around the 12th century, but then it was dismantled in the 20th century and shipped to New York. Later, it was reassembled in North Miami Beach, Florida in 1954. Saint Bernard de Clairvaux is currently an Episcopal Church and tourist attraction. The Hispanic Branch library is the headquarters of the Miami Dade Public library. It’s system traces its origin to the late 19th century. The library was established in 1976 and was dedicated to the Hispanic community. It is a system of libraries in Miami, Florida. Most of the books and documents in the Hispanic Branch library are in

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