La Choo Cha Romma Essay

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1. The 2nd amendment protects the rights of individuals. When the 2nd amendment was wrote almost everyone was in the state militia so they figured it would apply to all individuals. 2. A city government does not have the right to ban specific firearms. Chicago tried to ban handguns and it was ruled unconstitutional. 3. Citizens should be allowed to carry concealed firearms. If everyone is packing heat then it would reduce the crime rate on individual citizens. 4. All citizens should not be allowed to own a big rifle unless they have a special permit and specific reason to owning that gun. You do not need a big 50cal gun to protect yourself. 5. All purchases should require a background check. This way you can reduce the amount of mentally handicapped people owning a gun. 6. The purchase of firearms should not require a waiting period. If you have to wait a certain amount of time or get the firearm right away it will not make a difference. 7. The government should not be allowed to using these tracking devices on firearms. It is kind of intruding on your privacy. 8. I support the “stand your ground” laws. The reason I support them is because it will save innocent people from getting killed and you can shoot the perpetrator to avoid harm. 9. I don’t think that there should be a limit on how many rounds a clip can hold. It won’t change anything, if you really wanted to you could just carry more clips on you. 10. Certified citizens of the United States have the right to conceal and carry a firearm in order to defend themselves from

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