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Luxurious, local, La Boheme. August 2012 This review is targeted at theatre/cabaret lovers along with those who simply love a good drink. A review like this would be published in either a local magazine or one dedicated to the younger generation who are looking for somewhere new. The luxurious local La Boheme is a French themed cocktail lounge suitable for young adults to the elder soul. Located in the heart of the Adelaide this family owned venue sits in the centre of Grote Street, a popular part of the city. On the particular night that I attended this venue an amateur cabaret performance called Cablive. The bar and the performance was impeccable with many surprising sights and things to discover. Cablive was hosted…show more content…
One of the highlights and better factors of Cablive is the local amateur performers. This is an obvious strength as it widens south Australia’s talent pool, and introduces the audience to many of those with hidden abilities in song and music. Another strength is the intimate feel of the bar. This provides for a comfortable feeling all round, it is easy to sit back, relax and enjoy the show without worrying too much about finding a seat or other’s behaviour. The bar within La Boheme is easily accessible and those who work behind it are both talented and have a great attitude and passion for what they do. Those who choose to preform in Cabaret live not only are outstanding performers but give it their all when on stage, which just adds to the over all feel of the night. Cablive and La Boheme have many strengths and very few weaknesses. One factor that I did to find to be of poor quality was the readily available seating and space for people to sit. On frequent occasions, more chairs were needed to be found for people to sit down, and even then little room was available for them. Whilst this was slightly it did not impact on the night very highly, and is something that can be overlooked when these events come

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