La Boheme Review

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Final Paper-La Boheme On Monday night the curtain rose on an impressive setting for one of the opera’s must popular piece. The Lyric Opera of Chicago sets provide an intimate frame for a sentimental story-La Boheme. The masterpiece of Giacomo Puccini is an opera in four acts and it illustrates the sentimental tale of a great love and dramatic loss. The romantic set is placed in the mid-19th century, in Paris. The Lyrics Opera impressed with an appealing cast. The central characters, lovers Mimi and Rodolfo, are casted by Soprano Anna Netrebko and Tenor Joseph Calleja. The story presents sickly Mimi who meets Rodolfo by faith and falls in love with him from the first moment. Puccini sets the mood for his Opera from the beginning with a minor scale that is leading to an action without overture. In this Parisian world of melancholy, the characters can be described as idealistic puppets of their own lives. The first act introduces the painter Marcello, interpreted by baritone Lucas Meachem, and the writer Rodolfo. It is Christmas Eve when the two of them are trying to get over the cold and enjoy the poor improvised heat. The atmosphere gets joyful when philosopher Collin and musician Schaunard are joining the other two artists. A knock at the door brings in the set the landlord Benoit, who is asking them for the rent. The fort comrades manage to fool Benoit and throw him out. After Rodolfo’s roommates depart, another knock at the door depicts a lovely young woman, Mimi. She is asking Rodolfo to light her candle and he does everything he can to keep her longer next to him. Calleja seemed to be little bit stiffed in the beginning, in both manners and singing, but he released an astonishing performance in the scene when Rodolfo touches Mimi’s cold hand. Pushed by love thrills, the romantic writer succeeds in creating a strong bond between him and the bohemian dreamer

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