LS1 Scientific Method Lab Assignment

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LS1 Scientific Method Lab Assignment – Summer A 2014 Your assignment for this portion of the demonstration is to determine whether each squirrel species that you observed exhibits a random application of snake scent. Use your observations and the data you collected to answer the following questions. While you worked in groups for this assignment, what you turn in for a grade must be written in your own words. Introduction Briefly describe the broader context for what we were doing in lab. What is the overall significance? Why compare snake scent application (SSA) patterns within squirrel species? Many observation of squirrel behaviors has shown that some ground squirrel species apply snake scent on their body. In order to understand the function of snake scent application (SSA) behavior better, we may wonder whether they apply the scent evenly or randomly on different parts of their body because if it is non-random, squirrels must behave in this way for some reasons, such as avoiding predators, or competing for resources. In this lab, we will use scientific method that is based on observations and collecting data to test a hypothesis about squirrel behavior with some simple statistic.…show more content…
Your hypothesis is your proposed explanation of the behavior. The prediction is the logical outcome of your hypothesis. For example, if S. beecheyi males use snake scent to attract mates, then we should only see males apply the snake scent. Note that there are other predictions from this hypothesis that could be tested with other experiments, such as if S. beecheyi males use scent to attract mates, then we should only observe them applying it during mating
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