LS 311 Business Law: Case Study

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Unit 4 Assignment 1 Case Scenario Legal Encyclopedias Renee’ Grigg Unit 4 LS 311 Business Law July 29, 2014 Carrie has a set of legal encyclopedias for sale she makes an offer to Antonio to sell the legal encyclopedias to him for the price of $300.00. Antonio states that he needs to think about it but will let her know the following day. Norvell a bystander overhears the conversation making an offer to Carrie to purchase the legal encyclopedias on the spot for her asking price. Carrie excepts’ Norvell’s offer and gave the encyclopedias to Norvell, he gave her $ 300.00 which was the consideration in the contract, Carrie had a product for sale and Norvell had the $ 300.00 that made this a legal and binding contract, that was fully

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