LIT1 Task 1: Starting A Business

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LIT1 Task 1 SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: As the first word in the name suggests there is no distinction between the owner and the business, legally they are viewed as one entity. When it comes to starting a business this option is a perfect one because there is little to no start-up cost and autonomy since it is now your sole responsibility. The main disadvantage to this type of business is that financially the owner may find it hard to start up because any money that I loaned is a personal loan. • LIABILITY – The owner (proprietor) is liable for all debts and profits the business is and vice versa. The business and the owner are one entity so when the business owes on a debt the owner’s personal assets are liable to be taken as payment…show more content…
Due to the business having such high risk liabilities it needs to be an entity in and of itself which is what this type of incorporation will allow. The process is quite simple to be incorporated; the proper paper work must be filled with the secretary of state where the business is established. When a business is incorporated as a C-corporation it becomes an entity of itself and no longer is financially tied to the owner/s. The client was very concerned about the many liabilities that the company could possibly face. As a C-corporation the business, not the owner, would be held liable for any financial damages. Any accidents involving employees or customers would be the responsibility of the corporation to settle. Financially speaking incorporating is the best option because as a sole proprietorship the owner is currently paying a much higher tax rate versus the corporate tax rate. With the tax code being different for corporations there is better profit retention and security. The client also mentioned the issue of partnership and the selling of stock in order to expand the company. With the company as a C-corporation investors would be more assured to invest in order to expand and open another factory. The clients plan of having family members as investors and sit on the board of directors may not go as planned especially if there are non-family member shareholders. Due to the growth of the company it is highly recommended that the business be incorporated as soon as possible in order to protect the owner’s assets and begin the process of
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