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L2E FAW – Emergency First Aid 1.1, 8.1 (Burns) The Role of an emergency first aid is to provide immediate, lifesaving, medical care before the arrival of further medical help. Their main responsibilities include: * Manage the incident and ensure the continuing safety of themselves, the casualty and others * Assess casualties and find out the nature & cause of their injuries * Call for further help and assistance from relevant emergency services. * If trained, prioritise casualties based upon medical need * Provide appropriate first aid treatment as trained * If able, make notes/observations of casualties * Provide a handover when further medical help arrives 1.2 There are many ways to reduce the risk of infection to self and others when administering first aid, they include: * Wear P.P.E * Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol gels before and after administering first aid * Cover cuts and grazes with waterproof dressings * Change P.P.E between administering first aid to each individual * Avoid contact with contaminated objects * Keep soiled clothing in a separate bag and wash separately from other clothing * Seek medical help immediately if fear of contamination 1.4 Albacmat sheet Used to transport people safely in the event of a fire, they are wrapped and protected in the blanket. One person will then pull the individual from the head end strap to a safe place. If required a second person can assist from the other end. First Aid Kit Below is a description of the articles that are found in a standard first aid kit. There are a selection of aids which can assist in different types of accident Before using any of the above items hands should be washed and gloves worn. Plasters should be used to stem the blood flow of a small cut or grazes; the cut should be cleaned and dried

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