L&T Corporate Restructuring Essay

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The restructuring of L&T Company introduction Larsen & Toubro was founded by Danish engineers (Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro) in taking refuge in India 1938 as a representative of diary equipment. With time the company established itself as importers and contractors for general industrial and engineering plants, agricultural components, tractor manufacturing and dairy machine components. Afterwards, from 1969 onwards, the company grew by mergers and acquisitions of related businesses and joint ventures with foreign collaborators. And currently (2014), L&T is India’s leading Engineering, Construction Technology and Manufacturing Company with 137 subsidiaries and 16 associate companies. L&T has a global presence, with operations across over 30 countries. It is highly diversified and is a conglomerate in various industry sectors. 2010: L&T Group comprises of 110 subsidiaries, 21 associate companies and 12 JV entities spread across the globe as of March 2010. These Group companies broadly operate in and focus on the following sectors namely IT services, Financial Services, Engineering & Construction services, Power Equipment manufacturing, Power Development projects, Infrastructure and Property Development projects, Electrical & Electronics, Machinery and Industrial products and International Investments. Vision The vision of L&T were based on pillars of professionalism, customer satisfaction, innovativeness, continuous learning and creation of value to attain global benchmarks which suggests that they are trying to follow Transformation BHAG. A note on restructuring Current Market Value Current Market Value 1 1 Restructuring is a management process of reorganizing a company to make it more profitable, the reorganization can be materialized through a legal change, ownership change or operational transformation. In case

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