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Paradiso Mexican Restaurant vs. Conlin’s Furniture By: Sabrina Gillespie 03/14/13 BUE 101 I decided to do my comparison essay on Paradiso Mexican Restaurant and Conlin’s Furniture. I really want to open my own Mexican restaurant someday. I found the Paradiso Mexican Restaurant in Jamestown and I love eating there food. I also chose Conlin's Furniture do the fact I work there and I love it there. I decided to talk to my boss Vicki Hoefs. Vicki is the manager of Conlin’s Furniture. Conlin’s Furniture has been open for 76 years there are 17 locations. When you first walk in to the store it environment is calm and cozy like you are at your own house it is very inviting. The facility in back there are three offices, one office is the supply room, the others are Vicki’s office and my office. The warehouse is in the very back of the building. The mission statement for Conlin’s Furniture is “To provide an outstanding customer experience through a family of knowledgeable and caring associates, a selection of high quality furnishings at great values, and endless service to our clients”. Vicki’s job consist of ordering supplies, delivery schedules, payroll, doing the schedules for the store, accounts receivable, inventory counts, and much more. What she likes the least about her job is all the time she has to spend at the store. There are months that she does not even get a day off. What she likes the most about her job is meeting with new people getting to know her customer on a personal level. Vicki says the skills you need to run a furniture store are time management, taking care of customers, solving complex problems and make hard decision. Vicki has an associate’s degree in business she says it has help her understand the business she is in and help her move up in the company. She also states that she really did not need a degree for the

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