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Kwanzaa’s principles find their roots in African cultures, but the message of building a strong community is universal, says a specialist in cultural studies and diversity at Wright State University. “This was originated in the African-American community, but is a celebration that encompass all people interested in strengthening the community,” said Dana Murray Patterson, director of the Wright State University’s Bolinga Black Cultural Resources Center. Kwanzaa is a weeklong, non-religious holiday, which runs Dec. 26 through Jan. 1, that pays homage to African principles and values. It was created by Africana professor Ron Karenga and was first celebrated 45 years ago. “The focus is not on buying gifts. The focus is not on spending money.…show more content…
Senior citizens groups also are important to the growth of Kwanzaa, said Payne, who believes seniors and youth often make ideal partners “In order for them (the youth) to become great people, like I know they can be, we have to draw on the ancestors for strength,” she said. “We are a stronger people than what has been portrayed.”. The seven principles of Kwanzaa work, said Payne, who embraced its core beliefs, character building, family structure, and discipline when she was principal of Hanley Elementary. Since the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa should be implemented all year long, let’s talk about how to make that happen. Please keep in mind that Kwanzaa is not affiliated with any particular religion. Even though you may couch your implementation in Christianity or Islam or Wicca or whatever, don't impose your religious views on the Kwanzaa celebration. Religion divides whereas Kwanzaa is a celebration of the collective community. When we speak of faith as it relates to the principles of the Nguzo Saba, one way we can practice Imani all year 'round is to always, always, always search for common ground. There are so many things that separate people in the black community that the phrase "black community" can almost seem like an

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