Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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“Harrison Bergeron” Kurt Vonnegut is one of the most well-known postmodernist, satire, dark comedy, and science-fiction writers of our time, with his science-fiction works being more famous for works amongst authors and hardcore science-fiction fans. One of his most famous pieces was a science-fiction short story published in 1968; it was called “Harrison Bergeron.” The setting of the story takes place of the dystopian future in the year 2081, where the United States of America has established and enforced the 211th, 212th, and 213th amendments where everyone has been declared equal, and those who are superior to others are given handicaps such as lead ball bags and masks to be “equal”. These insane and humiliating “handicaps” are used to keep people from being better than one another. During a ballerina performance, Harrison Bergeron, a 7 foot tall 14 year old man interrupts and removes all of his handicaps, revealing himself to be superior compared to everyone, and declared himself to be the emperor of everyone, and then dances with a ballerina that he hand selected to be his empress, but not before removing her mask. While dancing, Harrison and the ballerina were shot and killed by the authorities, the H.G. Men in violation of removing their handicaps, and everyone is forced to resume their day, and the program continues. Torrico 2 Vonnegut has taken a satirical and dark approach to the code of “all men were created equal”, by showcasing a dismal event in the future where men are truly created equal, and born into world where superiority and inferiority is barren and non-existent. The world portrayed in “Harrison Bergeron” is similar to Communism; how everyone is forced have the same benefits and standards, no matter
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